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Postgres Partition: Upgrade your Partitioning from Inheritance to Declarative
Jul 11, 2018
Before PostgreSQL 10, Postgres users partitioned their data using inheritance based partitioning. The method used constraints to define the...
How to Plan Queries Involving Foreign PostgreSQL Tables
Jul 3, 2018
Cost based optimization A query may be executed in many different ways, modeled as plans in query optimizer, differing in resources required and/or...
Containing Bloat with Partitions
Mar 27, 2018
PGConf India 2018 attracted a large number of PostgreSQL users and developers. I talked about "query optimization techniques for partitioned tables...
Partition-wise Joins: “Divide and Conquer" for Joins Between Partitioned Table
Jan 2, 2018
Unlike inheritance-based partitioning, declarative partitioning introduced in PostgreSQL 10 leaves nothing to infer about how the data is divided...
ALTERing the Bounds of a Partition
Jun 12, 2017
PostgreSQL 10 is full with a lot of big, new and exciting features. Declarative partitioning is one of those. It is something users have wanted for...
Combining Partitioning and FDWs for Real Time Analytics
Mar 14, 2017
Since v9.1 PostgreSQL has been steadily improving its Foreign Data Wrapper (FDW) capabilities. FDWs are a way to access and manipulate data external...
PostgreSQL: Aggregate Push-down in postgres_fdw
Dec 22, 2016
It's exciting times in PostgreSQL for those who are using postgres_fdw or Foreign Data Wrappers (FDWs) in general. Users often complained that a...

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