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Up to 25% off compared to CDS On-Demand Instance pricing.

EDB Postgres Reserved Instances for Cloud Database Service (CDS) give you the option to reserve Postgres database instances for a one year term. All reserved instances are available for PostgreSQL or EDB Postgres Advanced Server database engines.

Reserved Instance provides substantial savings for:


    Steady state use cases


    Database instances for your production applications


    Mission critical applications that run on Multi-AZ database deployments for higher availability and data durability

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Reserved Instances

Reserve an instance type within a specific region, on the same operating system.

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No Change

Reserved Instances require no change to how you use CDS.

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Available in all CDS Regions

Reserved Instances are available in any region currently supported by CDS.

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High Availability Built In

No need to choose between single and multi-AZ, multi-AZ deployments are standard with CDS.

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Save Money

Migrate from your costly Oracle license to compatible EDB Postgres.

Discounts and Terms

25% OFF

On-demand DB Instance Price
1-year term commitment


    Discounting with up-front payment applies to CDS DB Instances, which includes the charges for virtual machines and compute capacity as well as the Postgres database license. Other charges related to cloud infrastructure usage, such as storage, network, data transfer, etc, may continue to accrue and you will be billed monthly for use of those services.


    Region, DB Instance Class, Deployment Type and term length must be chosen at purchase, and cannot be changed later.


    All Reserved instance fees are non-refundable, and Reserved CDS instances cannot be transferred, sold, or canceled.

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