EDB Postgres Backup and Recovery Tool

Postgres Disaster Recovery and Backup Tool

중대한 비즈니스 데이터 보호와 간편한 재해 복구 지원

Automate backups of multiple local and remote databases, manage backups centrally in a catalog and easily recover from a disaster.

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재해 복구

Overcome disasters with point in time recovery to a specified transaction ID or timestamp.

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Automate backups to run as frequently as needed and implement retention policies to manage backup catalog.

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No User Downtime

Full hot backups of multiple database servers eliminates user/business disruptions.


Backup and Restore Tool accesses Postgres clusters to take full backups and block-level incremental backups. Users manage the backup catalog via Command Line Interface (CLI) or GUI (EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager). When disaster strikes, users select the backup in the catalog, which restores the database to a point in time.




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Block Level Incremental Backups

Full base backups and block-level incremental backups reduce restore time and storage needs for large databases.

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Integrations with EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager and CLI for user-friendly configuration, backup management, and restore.

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Point In Time Recovery

Error-free restoration to a specified transaction ID or timestamp using a guided dialog.

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Retention Policies & Jobs

Manage backups based on policies and automatically schedule backups.