Oracle® Database Migration Assessment

A clear path to reducing or capping Oracle costs.

Are you tired of being locked in Oracle's database prison? Take the first step toward freedom from high prices, poor support and strong-armed sales tactics with EDB's Oracle Database Migration Assessment program. Let our migration experts evaluate your Oracle database and help you understand your migration alternatives. It's fast. It's easy. It's smart.

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마이그레이션 기법

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Utilizing years of Oracle database migration experience and compatibility software, an EDB Migration Assessment will give you a clear picture of the cost savings and effort involved in moving your Oracle-based data and application to an EDB Postgres Advanced Server installation.

An Oracle experienced engineer will consult with your DBA and developer staff to understand your database architecture and configuration, and then perform a series of system diagnostics to inventory your Oracle database and application usage.

The diagnostics output will then be analyzed and summarized across five key database compatibility categories into a comprehensive report that also includes a migration complexity index rating. Within each category, migration issues will be detailed with accompanying narrative specifying migration best practices within the EnterpriseDB migration methodology.

The migration report includes:


    수정 없이 마이그레이션할 Oracle 오브젝트


    호환 소프트웨어를 활용한 오브젝트


    Unsupported Oracle features and potential substitutions

The full assessment includes:


    설치 프로파일 인터뷰


    시스템 진단 보고서 작성


    마이그레이션 평가 분석 및 요약 보고서


    마이그레이션에 소요될 비용과 시간 산출


    마이그레이션 평가 보고 논의

Migration Roadmap Service

Get a clear view of your database migration path to EDB Postgres with the Migration Roadmap service. We will evaluate multiple schemas associated with your applications that are in consideration for migration to the EDB Postgres platform. The Migration Roadmap service is a bulk database classification and includes:


    Assessment and classification of multiple Oracle database schemas using the EDB Database Migration Assessment Tool (DMAT)


    Analysis of the assessments for level of compatibility


    Identification of database candidates for migration that are the best fit to start with in phase 1 for quick success


    Delivery of a Services Engagement Completion Report with roadmap and blueprint

This service is designed for a cost-effective evaluation of multiple schemas and to help plan which are the simplest to move and those that will require additional effort but are still very good candidates to migrate in order to achieve your maximum cost saving objectives.

Graphic of road from Oracle to EDB Postgres

Additional Migration Services

As Oracle database migration experts, EDB can provide your team with training programs, mentorship, and migration best practices. We also offer you hands-on consulting expertise to get migrations done quickly, properly and cost-effectively. Whether you need our award-winning EDB Postgres Advanced Server software or other forms of assistance, we stand ready to help you.