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EnterpriseDB Takes on Oracle with Latest Launch

Aug 23 2011

EnterpriseDB, a developer of Postgres tools, launched the Postgres Enterprise Manager today. Enterprise Manager is a PostgreSQL and Postgres Plus Advanced Server monitoring program that is now available to existing EnterpriseDB clients for download, and as a standalone subscription. View Article

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Apple vanishes MySQL from Mac OS X Lion Server - Postgres fills Ellisonian black hole

Aug 2 2011

Apple has removed MySQL from the latest version of Mac OS X server, replacing it with PostgreSQL. The previous version of the OS – Snow Leopard Server – offered accessto MySQL from both the GUI and the command line, but the open source database has disappeared entirely from Mac OS X Lion Server, released last week. Postgres is there, but it's available only from the command line.

EnterpriseDB Ships Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.0

Jul 19 2011

EnterpriseDB, a provider of PostgreSQL and Oracle compatibility products and services, announced general availability of Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.0. featuring improvements such as enriched database performance and availability, and increased Oracle compatibility. View Article

EnterpriseDB's Postgres Plus 9.0 Server Adds HP-UX Support

Jul 15 2011

EnterpriseDB, the commercial distributor and supporter of the open source PostgreSQL object-relational database system, has launched the latest version of its Postgres Plus Advanced Server. The new version (9.0) comes with new support for the HP-UX operating environment and better compatibility with Oracle, among other enhancements. View Article

HP vs. Oracle over Itanium: A look at your options

Jul 12 2011

Oracle announced that it was going to drop support for HP's Itanium systems in May 2011, pointing out that Red Hat and Microsoft had made similar announcements in 2009 and 2010 respectively.

HP, Dirt Cheap, But Dead Money?

Jul 12 2011

The good news here is that open source EnterpriseDB is offering to migrate customers to its software, but many customers will be leery of putting their database in the hands of such a small company. (It's privately held, is it worth buying? Maybe, but that would not be material to the total HP business.) View Article

PostgreSQL Database On Power Systems-IBM i? Why Not?

Jul 11 2011

The profile of the open source PostgreSQL database has been rising in recent months, and you can run it on an IBM i platform if you have a Web application that requires that database. View Article

EnterpriseDB Offers Database For HP's Itanium-Based Servers

Jul 11 2011

EnterpriseDB is shipping a new release of its open source database the company offers as an alternative to Oracle's database software.

EnterpriseDB comforts HP-UX shops with PostgreSQL

Jul 5 2011

EnterpriseDB – the entity that sells an extended version of the open source PostgreSQL database as well as commercial-grade support for that software – is sitting pretty. View Article

EnterpriseDB Extends Support to HP Itanium and More

Jul 4 2011

Open source is one of the frontiers of the cloud system. This is why organizations are gambling on the potential of the open source cloud. We’ve already seen recent developments with the Hadoop spin-off, and ongoing developments within the OpenStack initiative.

EnterpriseDB Open Source Database Compatibility Expands

Jul 1 2011

In another swipe at Oracle, EnterpriseDB has released Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.0 which includes support for the HP-UX operating environment. This feature is obviously intended to lure some of those affected by Oracle’s decision to drop Intel Itanium support. Itanium is the chip on which HP-UX servers rely. 

EnterpriseDB adds HP-UX support

Jun 30 2011

Version 9.0 of EnterpriseDB's Oracle-compatible database is now available, with new support for Hewlett-Packard's HP-UX operating system, the company announced Thursday. View Article

New Product News

Jun 30 2011

Product News for June 30, 2011. View Article

Red Hat's Oracle shot: The Unbreakable Database?

Jun 10 2011

Red Hat has always been joined at the hip to the success of the database market. What's surprising is that it has yet to launch its own database product. Perhaps that should change. View Article

EnterpriseDB Gains InMobi’s Trust: Database Solution for Ad Network

Jun 9 2011

EnterpriseDB, a maker of PostgreSQL solutions, announced that InMobi has selected its EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus Advanced Server database offerings to power its ad network. InMobi is a mobile advertisement startup founded in 2007 that serves about 32 million ad impressions a month, and needed an affordable database backend solution, according to the company. View Article

The Times They Are a-Changing

Jun 8 2011

I just got back from the very well done 2011 MySQL Conference put on by O'Reilly out in Santa Clara, California. I believe this was my sixth time at the MySQL show, although this year it was somewhat of a different experience for me. This time, instead of representing the MySQL band of merry men (and women), being that I am now at EnterpriseDB, I was promoting PostgreSQL. In fact, if you want to hear something really strange: EnterpriseDB was the only diamond sponsor of the event.

EnterpriseDB Responds

Jun 4 2011

Recently, I published Compatibilty wars - can EnterpriseDB take on Oracle and win? to examine EnterpriseDB's move to take advantage of Oracle halting support of Itanium-based systems. Sean Doherty, EnterpriseDB's VP of Business Development, reached out to me to present his company's response.

Compatibilty wars - can EnterpriseDB take on Oracle and win?

Jun 3 2011

EnterpriseDB has been on a mission to replace Oracle's database with its enhanced version of the open source postgreSQL database (Postgres Plus Advanced Server) for quite some time. When Oracle announced that they were halting development for HP's Itanium-based HP-UX UNIX systems, EnterpriseDB stepped in to offer their product as a replacement. While this was a bold marketing move, I would suggest a careful consideration of what such a migration would entail before taking on such a project.

When The Going Gets Tough, Call On Open Source

Jun 1 2011

There was a time not that long ago when one of the knocks on open source was that it was not scalable or "tough enough" for the biggest most demanding jobs.  It was fine for personal use and fooling around, but if you wanted industrial strength, enterprise ready software, open source just wasn't up to it.  That attitude has really been stood on its head recently. View Article

EnterpriseDB among Top 4 in 2011 Open Source Software Company Survey

May 31 2011

EnterpriseDB, a provider of PostgreSQL and Oracle compatibility products and services, has been named as one of the top open source companies with potential in the 2011 Future of Open Source Survey, conducted by North Bridge Venture Partners in partnership with The 451 Group. View Article

Survey: 56% expect that more than half of all software spend over next 5 years will be open source

May 16 2011

More than half of all software purchases made over the next five years will be open source, according to half of all respondents in a venture capital firm's survey released today. Open source is now mainstream and is in high growth, propelled by SaaS, cloud, mobile and big data trends, according to the Future of Open Source 011 survey, which was co-produced by the 451Group. View Article  

SugarCRM, Cloudera debut on list of open source firms to watch in '11

May 16 2011

Red Hat, Acquia, SugarCRM, EnterpriseDB, Jaspersoft, Cloudera, Google and Novell, in that order, were named the top 8 open source companies to watch in the North Bridge Venture Partners' annual Future of Open Source Survey, released today at the Open Source Business Conference in SF. View Article

Interactive Ideas grows by third

May 13 2011

Distributor Interactive Ideas has held up a 32 per cent spike in annual sales as further evidence of the strength of the open-source market. The Red Hat ally achieved a £32m revenue haul for its financial... View Article

PostgreSQL devs lift open source database to enterprise heights

May 6 2011

The release of the first beta of version 9.1 of the open source PostgreSQL database has opened a new era in enterprise-class reliability and data integrity that can compete with the big names, say its developers. View Article

Red Hat is Red Hot! Partners with EnterpriseDB for OpenShift Ecosystem

May 5 2011

Teaming up with other companies is oftentimes a make-or-break move for businesses. Red Hat is fortunate enough to benefit from, and pump revenues through partnerships. This could also be the reason why they have been linked with several other providers the past few days, following Red Hat’s launch of OpenShift Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

Red Hat Launches OpenShift Platform as a Service

May 5 2011

Red Hat announced a new platform-as-a-service environment, known as OpenShift, which provides support for a variety of programming languages and frameworks, including Java, Ruby, PHP, Python and more. View Article

Red Hat Launches Cloud Development, Management Platforms

May 5 2011

Open-source software vendor Red Hat continues to expand its cloud computing middleware product line, unveiling new Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service offerings Wednesday and launching a new partner program around its PaaS technology. View Article

Red Hat Launches IaaS, PaaS Cloud Offerings

May 4 2011

Red Hat (s rht) today is launching two new cloud computing offerings, infrastructure-as-a-service software called CloudForms and platform-as-a-service software called OpenShift. View Article

Aquent: How We Moved Almost Everything to the Cloud: 5 Lessons

May 4 2011

In 2010, creative services firm Aquent moved even its custom ERP system to the cloud -- where most other key business apps such as e-mail were already running. The result: Better agility and IT spend slashed by 50 percent. View Article

HP shops explore Oracle exit strategies

Apr 28 2011

Shops running Oracle databases and applications atop Itanium-based HP Integrity servers are exploring their options, none of them good. View Article

HP Appeals to High-End Clients with New Consulting Services

Apr 25 2011

Hewlett-Packard has big goals for its high-end consulting initiative, along with many other large scale cloud service providers looking to make their product line more of a closed circle.  HP rolled out its Strategic IT Advisory Services suite today, designed to cater to top-paying HP customers.  The long-term plan here is to bolster the company’s consulting capabilities, realigning existing services, as well as adding specialized individuals. View Article

EnterpriseDB Update: Savings with Open Source

Apr 19 2011

Today we’ve learned of an update coming from EnterpriseDB, the largest independent PostgreSQL open source database technology provider. The company released a customer case study detailing how international marketing services company Aquent replaced its existing Sybase database with EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus Advanced Server. Adquent operates data centers in the U.S, Europe and Asia, and estimates savings of about $100,000 per year thanks to the switch to EnterpriseDB, according to a release.

Outliers and coexistence are the new normal for big data

Mar 31 2011

Letting data speak for itself through analysis of entire data sets is eclipsing modeling from subsets. In the past, all too often what were once disregarded as “outliers” on the far edges of a data model turned out to be the telltale signs of a micro-trend that became a major event. To enable this advanced analytics and integrate in real-time with operational processes, companies and public sector organizations are evolving their enterprise architectures to incorporate new tools and approaches.

Gosling + Google: Industry Gurus Speculate on Job, Plus Java and Lawsuit Implications

Mar 30 2011

Yes, Google got Gosling. The news was in dozens of headlines yesterday, and I was able to confirmed it late in the day via other sources, but I could get no details about what he will be doing there -- no job title, no department, nothing. Gosling said in his blog he does not know what he will be working on at Google, but he said that the job "looks like interesting fun with huge leverage."

Startup looks to poach Oracle customers after Itanium move

Mar 29 2011

Oracle's announcement last week that it will stop developing software for Intel's Itanium processor has database startup EnterpriseDB looking to capitalize. View Article

MySQL website falls victim to SQL injection attack

Mar 28 2011

Oracle's customer website was apparently compromised over the weekend by a pair of hackers who publicly posted usernames, and in some cases passwords, of the site's users. View Article

Intel and HP defend honor of Itanium

Mar 24 2011

Intel, the maker of the Itanium family of server processors, and Hewlett-Packard, the main customer for the chips, have fired back at an Oracle announcement late yesterday that it was stopping software development on the Itanium chip. View Article

Surprised? Survey Suggests Oracle Bad for Open Source.

Mar 3 2011

Open source database vendor EnterpriseDB is taking the fight to database market leader Oracle (s orcl) via a survey showing that respondents generally don’t trust Oracle on prices, think Oracle is bad for Java and don’t really like Larry Ellison. Although EnterpriseDB acknowledges the survey — which was answered by more than 600 JavaOne conference attendees — is unscientific, the results do seem to mirror the thoughts on Oracle that pop up again and again in the IT press. And the infographic is fun.

Survey: Oracle bad for Java, MySQL (Infographic).

Mar 3 2011

On March 3, database vendor EnterpriseDB is set to release the results of its survey conducted at the JavaOne conference last September in San Francisco. More than 600 IT professionals completed the survey, the results of which provide a bit of insight into community sentiment regarding Oracle's control of open-source projects Java and MySQL. View Article

Advantec Turns to EnterpriseDB for Open Cloud Switch.

Feb 28 2011

Moving to open cloud solutions is an important part of the virtualization journey, and managed services can ease the transition.  It’s actually a growing demand in the cloud space, lending itself as a competitive advantage for many services providers.  EnterpriseDB, combined with SynchSource and VMware support, are enabling Advantec to scale up, growing its outsourced HR and payroll services. View Article

Database economics in cloud and virtualization.

Feb 10 2011

Many of the most interesting big economic landmarks in IT have happened around what might be called "re-platforming," as users take existing applications and redeploy them on new platforms, such as we see when applications move from corporate data centers to the Amazon Web Services EC2 or the Rackspace Cloud.

EnterpriseDB Bows New Postgres; Security Tools.

Jan 20 2011

The latest news from EnterpriseDB this week is the release of Postgres Plus Standard Server version 9, updating the company's commercially supported version of the open source PostgreSQL database. The open source community version of PostgreSQL 9 debuted in September 2010, adding new database replication and scalability features. View Article

Configuring PostgreSQL for Pretty Good Performance.

Jan 4 2011

PostgreSQL is a highly customizable relational database management system (RDBMS) with a dazzling array of configuration options. Fortunately, especially in recent versions of PostgreSQL, most of these settings do not need to be changed. The trick is to figure out which options do need to be changed and what values are most appropriate. View Article

Is it Postgres' time to shine?

Oct 12 2010

Postgres for years has lived in the shadow of MySQL's media attention: the "boring" database that quietly goes about its work while its sexy Web 2.0 cousin wins the popularity contest. Recent data from the Eclipse Foundation, however, suggest that Postgres may be ready to make significant waves in the enterprise, even if it doesn't make headlines. View Article

EnterpriseDB Announces Support for PostgreSQL 9.0

Sep 21 2010

EnterpriseDB, which provides products, services, support and training based on the PostgreSQL open source database project, has announced support for the newly released PostgreSQL 9.0 open source relational database. View Article

PostgreSQL 9.0 Released

Sep 21 2010

PostgreSQL version 9.0 was released yesterday (Sept 20th). The 9.0 version of PostgreSQL includes a number of important new features, more new features in fact than any previous release. View Article

PostgreSQL updated with streaming replication

Sep 20 2010

While Oracle trumpets its open source MySQL database management system this week at the company's OpenWorld conference, the creators behind MySQL's rival, PostgreSQL, have released a major new version of their rival database software. View Article

PostgreSQL database garners new attention

Sep 20 2010

The open-source PostgreSQL database project reached version 9.0 today, with the inclusion of highly anticipated streaming replication and hot-standby capabilities topping the list of feature enhancements. View Article

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Which Is The Best Open Source DB Of Them All?

Sep 20 2010

Ever since Oracle got its anti-open source hands on MySQL via the Sun acquisition, many in the open source community have been hoping for a new champion to fill the perceived void that Oracle "selling" MySQL presents.

The Daily Start-Up: Stuffing The Pipeline With IPOs

Sep 7 2010

TransLink Capital hopes U.S. institutional investors embrace its unique strategy of investing in American tech companies and hooking them up with Asian businesses to access markets there. The firm is raising $100 million for its second fund, VentureWire reports, which would double what the investor raised for its inaugural fund three years ago. Among its 14 investments include digital pen maker LiveScribe and database company EnterpriseDB.