Postgres is the number one enterprise-class open source database, with a feature set comparable to the major proprietary RDBMS vendors and a customer list that spans every industry and mission. When you make the move from Oracle® MySQL to Postgres, you get the best of both worlds: a powerful, no-compromise/feature-rich, open source database that's as easy to use as MySQL, and a price-tag that's competitive with what Oracle charges for MySQL today.

With EDB Postgres Advanced Server, you can confidently make the move from Oracle's MySQL and develop Postgres-backed applications that scale all the way from embedded solutions to massive OLTP and terabyte-sized data warehouse systems that serve thousands of users.

Why move from Oracle® MySQL to EDB Postgres Advanced Server

With EDB Postgres Advanced Server you get:

  • The industry's most proven, secure, independent, and feature rich open source database
  • Oracle features including powerful PL/SQL application support without the Oracle price-tag
  • Development language support and tools for today's database developer that far outpace what MySQL offers
  • Heterogeneous database connectivity, migration, and replication to/from Postgres and many other RDBMS's that's easy to set up and use
  • Tools for easily migrating all your MySQL databases over to Postgres cost savings over MySQL that can't be ignored

So get serious and get started today. Join the large and growing list of customers who have made the switch from Oracle's MySQL to Postgres, and experience the many benefits of using EDB Postgres Advanced Server. Go to our download page now and pick the solution that's right for you. Or, you can contact an EDB Account Manager who will be happy to help you with any questions you might have. And be sure to ask about the special offer we have for existing Oracle/MySQL customers.