Downloads Top 20,000 for EnterpriseDB’s Multi-Master Replication Solution

Date -2013-09-10 Location - BEDFORD, Mass. Larger deployments of Postgres are driving big demand for replication technology that improves read scalability and write availability

EnterpriseDB, the leading worldwide provider of enterprise-class PostgreSQL products and Oracle database compatibility solutions, today announced soaring demand for its xDB Replication Server v5.0 with Multi-Master Replication (MMR). Downloads have topped 20,000 over seven months of availability as database administrators tap new powers for managing data access and consistency across regional and global deployments of Postgres.

The rapid rate of adoption of EnterpriseDB’s multi-master replication technology is consistent with rising deployments of PostgreSQL. A survey of PostgreSQL users conducted by TechValidate and released in June 2013 found 24 percent of users deployed Postgres for the first time in 2012, compared to 14 percent in 2011 and 15 percent in 2010, illustrating the growth trend. The same survey, sponsored by EnterpriseDB, showed that 40 percent of users had deployed Postgres for mission-critical applications. The Postgres Plus xDB Replication Server is compatible with open source PostgreSQL.

The considerable number of downloads also illustrates EnterpriseDB’s deepening role in the database market as a pivotal provider of enterprise class tools and technologies that help ensure organizations succeed in deploying PostgreSQL. The xDB Replication Server is part of EnterpriseDB’s Postgres Plus family of PostgreSQL-based software products that the company has developed to provide enterprises with greater levels of availability, performance, security, performance and manageability.

“Postgres has advanced significantly to now deliver the capabilities of traditional, proprietary databases but at a fraction of the cost. Our multi-master replication technology was a critical advancement that benefits our customers and PostgreSQL users,” said Ed Boyajian, CEO and President of EnterpriseDB. “We will continue to innovate as the needs of organizations deploying Postgres expand and change.”

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