Community Contributors

EnterpriseDB Community Contributors

EnterpriseDB is proud to sponsor and work with the best and brightest of the PostgreSQL and general database communities. Every year since 2006, EDB has contributed to PostgreSQL and continues to do so actively today.

Akshay Joshi

Senior Software Architect

Amit Kapila

Sr. Database Architect & Director, Product Development

Amit Khandekar

Technical Architect

Amul Sul

Principal Software Engineer

Ashesh Vashi

Senior Software Architect

Ashutosh Sharma

Senior Software Engineer

Bruce Momjian

Senior Database Architect

Dave Page

Vice President and Chief Architect, Tools & Installers

Devrim Gündüz

Principal Systems Engineer

Dilip Kumar

Associate Database Architect

Jeevan Chalke

Associate Database Architect & Team Lead

Jeevan Ladhe

Technical Architect

Mithun Cy

Principal Software Engineer

Muhammad Usama

Database Architect

Robert M. Haas

Vice President, Chief Database Architect

Rushabh Lathia

Database Architect and Director, Product Development

Thom Brown

Engineering Project Manager