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Postgres Database In Cloud

EnterpriseDB’s cloud database service is hosted on AWS and is managed by Postgres experts with over a decade of experience building features and contributing to the Postgres Community.

Our support staff works around the clock so you don't have to! 24/7 support.



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Migrate From Oracle Database

Our Postgres extension (EDB Postgres Advance Server) comes with built in Oracle compatibility. Use our free utility to Migrate from Oracle to Postgres in just 3 Steps.

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Horizontally Scaling Postgres

Scale out your database with build it read scaling, automatic replica failover, elastic scaling of your Postgres cluster and running same Postgres - on-premise and in the cloud.


Safeguarding With Automated HA

Safeguard your data with Automated Backups, Point in Time Recovery (PITR), Load Balancing, Streaming replication, and High Availability.

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Automated Monitoring & Ready Operational Expertise

CDS has built-in expertise to monitor database cluster health availability, memory, etc. and sends you automated notifications about important activities related to your cluster.

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Managed Service Along with Technical Support

Managed Postgres service with free basic technical support from an army of certified Postgres Experts.


No storage charge up to 1 TB!

Basic Technical Support Included


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Up-to 40%

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