EDB Postgres on Kubernetes

Postgres native in de cloud, georkestreerd door Kubernetes.

De juiste manier om Postgres te implementeren op Kubernetes

For enterprises seeking to build cloud native applications, deploying production databases on Kubernetes is complex because Kubernetes doesn’t natively support database high availability. EDB Postgres on Kubernetes solves the high availability challenge and more by simplifying scaling, management and disaster recovery. Application developers can add EDB Postgres on Kubernetes to their CI/CD pipelines and administrators can use the same Postgres everywhere.

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Move workloads between on-premise and the cloud for best performance

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Overcome Kubernetes limitations when pod with database master fails & restarts



Easily manage deployments at scale with Kubernetes Operator



Run Postgres Natively on Kubernetes


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Deploy the same Postgres everywhere - on-premise, in the cloud or anywhere in between.


EDB Postgres Failover Manager

Automatically promote the most up to date replica based on an algorithm and reconfigure other replicas to point to a new master.

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EDB Postgres Kubernetes Operator

Manage the entire database lifecycle from deployment, scaling, patching and upgrades.

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EDB Postgres Advanced Server 

Enhanced version of PostgreSQL that adds enterprise security, DBA/developer productivity features and Oracle compatibility.

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EDB Postgres-platform

Integrated platform with a database server and tools for operating top tier enterprise applications at scale.