Postgres and NoSQL Capabilities

EnterpriseDB White Paper

Postgres Advances to Meet NoSQL Challenges

PostgreSQL is being challenged by NoSQL, or so some in the open source database community are saying. Relational open source databases just can’t tackle today’s big data challenges, they say, pointing to the use of NoSQL databases by companies such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Amazon.

While NoSQL-only solutions can be useful for addressing very specific data challenges, the truth is the vast majority of Postgres already have what they need in their Postgres database.

Postgres Plus Advanced Server by EnterpriseDB (EDB) closes the gap between the relational open source database and NoSQL-only solutions. This white paper details how enterprise database professionals can now leverage Postgres Plus Advanced Server by EnterpriseDB to gain the same NoSQL benefits, including:

  • Document database capabilities with robust support for JSON
  • ACID-compliant key value stores
  • Non-durable tables
  • Scalability and sharding capabilities
  • And more


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