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Features and Benefits of EDB Postgres Cloud Database Service

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Easy Administration

Instant Provisioning

Instantly Launch database from pre-defined templates covering standard configurations for read-scale, production, and enterprise use cases. You can also clone a cluster to resemble the same configurations or a new one.

Automated Notifications

CDS sends system notifications about essential activities and alerts related to your cluster such as Failovers, Scaling, Connection Threshold, Data Threshold, Memory Scale Up, Replica Addition, and Account related changes.

Dashboard with Insights

CDS cluster dashboard shares metrics for disc space usage for the master against your defined storage size threshold, Number of connections within a time range, load average, and replication lag. PEM (Postgres Enterprise Manager) can be used to track query-specific details. 

Automated Monitoring

CDS performs automated checks to monitor your CDS database cluster health and availability. Including disk capacity, memory consumption, and your cache hit ratio, which helps you set rules for auto-scaling.

Automated Backups

CDS continuously streams the write-ahead log (WAL). In the event of a complete infrastructure failure, we’ll restore your backup & replay the WAL to the exact moment before your system crashed. You also have complete control over how you want to automate the backup process.

Log Integration

CDS dashboard shows the most recent events for each of the nodes in your CDS cluster. Database and pgPool logs can be downloaded directly from the interface to analyze and retain your logs over time.

More Control

Plugin Support

CDS supports all major and well-maintained Plugins for Postgres including SQL*Protect Index Advisor, SQL Profiler, pldebugger, plperl, plpython, pltcl, clone schema, parallel clone, SSLUtils, and PostGIS.

Postgres Tuning

EnterpriseDB is a Postgres Expert! EnterpriseDB has been developing features and contributing to the PostgreSQL community for over a decade. Enterprise SLA comes with unparallel PostgreSQL tuning support.

True Superuser Access

CDS comes with TRUE Superuser access. A superuser can perform all types of powerful operations on a Postgres Database. Those can include things that touch the underlying system itself, or enabling extensions which allow for low-level system access.

Higher Scaling Capabilities


CDS does not impose restrictions on how many read-replicas you can have in a cluster.                                                                                                                

Performance & Storage

  • Standard Storage
  • Porvisioned IOPS SSD

Deliver fast, predictable, and consistent input-output performance. You can set the IOPS rate when provisioning a database cluster.                                      

You can provision up to 80,000 IOPS per volume, although your actual realized IOPS may vary based on other aspects such as machine type, and database workload.

CDS allows storage up to 624 TB per instance.

Highly Available & Secure

Cross-region Availability

CDS supports cross-region replication that allows a cluster to have replicas reside in multiple regions. CDS users can implement a cross-region disaster recovery environments and scale-out across multiple global regions.

Automated Replica Failover

The CDS cluster manager continually monitors the state of each cluster. If a replica fails, CDS automatically spins up a new replica instance and attaches it to the master database. The cluster continues operating during the replacement process, with the master servicing writes and reads, and the remaining replicas servicing reads.

Load Balancing

CCDS uses pgPool functionality for automatic load balancing. Load balancing increases system performance by distributing client queries to replica nodes while routing database modifications to the master node. Any modifications to the master node are subsequently propagated to each replica using Postgres streaming replication.


With continuous archiving enabled (you choose), Point-In-Time-Recovery enables you to roll back your CDS database cluster to any point to recover lost data. You have complete control over the timeframe that you want to retain this data. Whether it is internal data recovery or recovering inadvertently purged data, CDS has you covered!

High Availability

In the face of hardware or software failure of the master node, CDS spins up a new master, or it can take one replica and promote it to become the new master. You have total control over how to configure this automation process.

Upgrading with Minimal Downtime

We take care of upgrading the CDS software on the cluster, as well as the underlying Postgres database with minimal downtime. You have complete control over how and when you want to upgrade. Our goal is to help you minimize any downtime.

Support from the team that builds Postgres!

Postgres Experts

EDB is a significant contributor to the Postgres community. We develop PostgreSQL product features, contribute code, and support the community’s ongoing open source project needs.

Support for Minor & Major version

CDS provides support for new minor and major versions on CDS as soon as, the community makes those versions available. Get timely updates on new Postgres features.

Performance Tunning

We are THE Postgres Experts. We have been around for over a decade. Our Enterprise support comes with support for tuning Postgres based on your application use case.

Compatible & Cost-Effective


EDB Postgres Advanced Server on CDS is the cost-effective alternative to Oracle database on any public cloud. Customers can save as much as 50 % of Oracle database costs by moving to EDB Postgres Advanced Server on CDS.

Oracle Migration

Convert your Oracle database schemas and instantly get assessment and feedback on Postgres compatibility. Once the schemas are available, you can directly export them to spin up a cluster on CDS. You can also download the assessed DDLs for all objects.

Oracle Compatibility

EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS), provides native database compatibility with Oracle. Native understanding and execution of PL/SQL commands allow streamlined migration without emulation or translation layers. With the EDB Postgres compatibility layer, the required Oracle features are already built-in.

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