Introducing EDB Cloud

The Postgres for enterprises moving to the cloud

EDB offers the only fully managed PostgreSQL service with these mission-critical features for the journey ahead:

Oracle compatibility in the cloud

Fully managed PostgreSQL featuring Oracle database compatibility

Unparalleled PostgreSQL expertise

EDB is the largest dedicated global
PostgreSQL company

Greater transparency and control

EDB Cloud runs in your cloud account and leverages your existing discounts.

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Quick look: Creating a cluster with EDB Cloud

EDB Cloud

EDB Cloud also comes with the enterprise-grade capabilities you need to run PostgreSQL at scale.

Enterprise-level security

Enterprise-level security

Featuring end-to-end data encryption and private-only networking, connect to your enterprise identity provider to take full advantage of RBAC and auditing.

High availability

High availability

EDB Cloud offers high availability to minimize downtime in case of failure and makes automatic backups of your data for complete disaster recovery.

Microsoft Azure integration

Microsoft Azure integration

Native integration with core Azure platform services, including Azure Monitor, Azure Billing, and Azure Active Directory.