Postgres Plus Advanced Server on HP Global iCAP

Postgres Plus Advanced Server on HP Global iCAP

EnterpriseDB's flagship Postgres Plus Advanced Server database is available under the HP Global iCAP (GiCAP) usage and pricing model, thereby continuing to provide HP/UX customers with exceptionally low database TCO.


Global Instant Capacity, or GiCAP, provides HP customers with the flexibility to move usage rights (RTUs) for Instant Capacity components within a group of servers. It also provides “pooled” temporary capacity across the group. This provides:

  • more cost-effective high availability
  • more adaptable load balancing
  • more efficient and easier use of temporary capacity

Global Instant Capacity is built on the concept of a server group, or GiCAP Group, with server that are allowed to share iCAP usage rights. No more worries about future resource shortages, as business can start small, quickly add and deploy new resources to meet demand.

Postgres Plus Advanced Server for GiCAP

Building on the strategic EnterpriseDB-HP partnership, Postgres Plus Advanced Server's pricing for HP GiCAP gives HP customers a creative, flexible and cost effective offering. In addition, customers will be able to move database licenses among GiCAP group servers.  

EntepriseDB's Industry-leading Oracle compatibility:

  • Years of demonstrated enterprise grade reliability and robustness
  • Hundreds of customers like you who are succeeding with Postgres Plus
  • Performance and scalability and high availability under load
  • Oracle-like and Oracle-replacement features
  • Oracle PL/SQL support
  • The ability to preserve your investments in Oracle skills, training, and use of features
  • Tools to migrate your current databases and applications trouble free
  • Multiple strategies for switching databases over time
  • The backing and support of HP

For more information about Postgres Plus Advanced Server's GiCAP subscription pricing, please contact our sales team.