Postgres Plus® Cloud Database - Advanced Edition

Postgres Plus® Cloud Database - Advanced Edition

Postgres Plus Cloud Database Advanced (PPCD Advanced), EnterpriseDB's flagship cloud product, includes all of the capabilities of our Basic product plus database compatibility for Oracle®, higher performance, increased security, and additional management.

PPCD Advanced is the ideal choice for enterprises with critical applications, particularly when database compatibility is required to contain costs and leverage Oracle DBA and developer skills.  

Meeting Advanced Enterprise Needs

Contain Oracle Costs

Leverage your existing Oracle skillset. Migrate existing Oracle applications to Postgres. Save costs and apply them to new development or business initiatives.

Rapid Development, Test, and Deploy Cycles

Quickly deploy standard environments for your developers without hardware costs. Using the same database that runs on-premise, you gain management flexibility without inconsistency concerns.

Scalability and Security with Hybrid Clouds

Using Virtual Public Clouds, your physical database is extended into the cloud, without sacrificing security. Get the benefits of scalable cloud technologies for your existing datacenter's applications.

Advanced Features

Postgres Plus Cloud Database Advanced includes all features of Postgres Plus Cloud Database Basic, plus:

Database Compatibility for Oracle

Commonly-used Oracle features and APIs are
added to the core Postgres database engine,
allowing many existing Oracle databases to
be easily migrated. Features added include:

  • PL/SQL Support in Stored Procedures and Triggers
  • PL/SQL Debugger

Extended Performance

Significant performance improvements are delivered by:

  • Scalable Partitioning, Declarative Partitioning
  • Query Optimizer Hints
  • Infinite Cache

Extended Security

Mission-critical data requires as much protection as possible. These features extend the basic Postgres security capabilities:

  • Row Level Security
  • Enhanced Audit/Compliance
  • Server Procedural Language Protection




DBA Tools

These features extend the DBA's arsenal of useful tools:

  • Declarative Partitioning Syntax
  • EDB*Loader
  • SQL Session/System wait tuning diagnostics
  • Extended Catalog Views
  • DynaTune

Developer Tools

Added features give developers new power:

  • Hierarchical Queries
  • 19 pre-defined re-usable Function Packages
  • Synonyms
  • Extended Functions and Operators
  • Explicit Commit/Rollback in Stored Procedures
  • Bulk Collect and Binds
  • User defined object types
  • Nested Tables
  • User Defined Exceptions
  • User defined packages and functions
  • Associative Arrays
  • and more...

Flexible Payment Options

Annual Subscription

An annual subscription can help you save money. You pay for estimated yearly usage at the beginning of the year. Annual subscriptions include premium (24x7) database and cloud database infrastructure support.

Annual Subscription: Contact Sales to Get Started with PPCD Advanced



Pay-as-you-go use of Postgres Plus Cloud Database Advanced on Amazon EC2 involves fees as shown below. These fees include premium (24x7) database and cloud database infrastructure support.
Prices shown are for hourly use of the database and cloud infrastructure
  • Hourly price applies to each server instance in each cluster you run
  • All fees are billed monthly through Amazon Payments
  • All prices are in USD
  • Prices represent hourly on-demand instance fees inclusive of Amazon EC2 fees
  • You pay for all EC2 instances associated with the Cloud Database clusters you create.
    You do not pay for the Cloud Database Console/Cluster Manager(s) instances.
    Amazon CloudWatch users will be charged separately
  • NOTE: Pricing and instance availability listed here are for illustrative purposes only.
    Please check the EDB AWS page for the most current pricing and instance list.
Pay-As-You-Go: Get Started with PPCD Advanced on Amazon
































General Purpose Instances Price per hour
t2.micro $0.049
t2.small $0.099
t2.medium $0.198
t2.large $0.395
m3.medium $0.260
m3.large $0.530
m3.xlarge $1.050
m3.2xlarge $2.150
Compute Optimized Instances Price per hour
c3.large $0.399
c3.xlarge $0.798
c3.2xlarge $1.596
c3.4xlarge $3.192
c3.8xlarge $6.384
c4.large $0.441
c4.xlarge $0.882
c4.2xlarge $1.763
c4.4xlarge $3.526
c4.8xlarge $7.053
Dense Storage Instances Price per hour
d2.xlarge $2.622
d2.2xlarge $5.244
d2.4xlarge $10.488
d2.8xlarge $20.976
GPU Instances Price per hour
g2.2xlarge $2.470
g2.8xlarge $9.880
Memory Optimized Instances Price per hour
r3.large $0.700
r3.xlarge $1.400
r3.2xlarge $2.800
r3.4xlarge $5.600
r3.8xlarge $11.200
Storage Optimized Instances  Price per hour
i2.xlarge $3.241
i2.2xlarge $6.479
i2.4xlarge $12.958
i2.8xlarge $25.916
hi1.4xlarge $11.780
hs1.8xlarge $17.480