Postgres Plus® Cloud Database - Basic Edition

Postgres Plus® Cloud Database - Basic Edition

Postgres Plus Cloud Database Basic extends the enterprise-trusted PostgreSQL database with EnterpriseDB's cloud capabilities, delivering easy-to-use automated scalability, high availability, and built-in backup and failover support.

PPCD Basic is the ideal choice for web companies and businesses requiring a secure and high-performance transactional database that also includes NoSQL name-value and document datatypes.

Meeting Essential Business Needs

Online Business Transactions

When payment processing is mission critical, you need a rock-solid, ACID-compliant, transactional database with high availability, backups, and robust recovery options. Postgres delivers these capapbilities.

Catalog and Domain Management

For transacting orders or organizing domain information for customers, you need a fully featured relational database. Postgres meets these needs as well.

Unstructured Data Management with ACID-Compliance

Analyzing large bodies of unstructured data is often essential to business success. Unlike a NoSQL-only database, Postgres provides built-in ACID-compliant document and name-value datatypes.

Rapid Development, Test, and Deploy Cycles

When a business exists in the cloud, it makes sense to do development and deployment there too. Whether you use a traditional development model or an iterative / incremental model, quickly spinning up new development and test environments is required for your success. Deploying from the cloud to the cloud is the natural choice for meeting these needs.

Flexible Payment Options

Annual Subscription

An annual subscription can help you save money. You pay for estimated yearly usage at the beginning of the year. Annual subscriptions include premium (24x7) database and cloud database infrastructure support.

Annual Subscription: Contact Sales to Get Started with PPCD Basic


Pay-as-you-go use of Postgres Plus Cloud Database Advanced on Amazon EC2 involves fees as shown below. These fees include premium (24x7) database and cloud database infrastructure support. 

Prices shown are for hourly use of the database and cloud infrastructure.

  • Hourly price applies to each server instance in each cluster you run
  • All fees are billed monthly through Amazon Payments
  • All prices are in USD
  • Prices represent hourly on-demand instance fees inclusive of Amazon EC2 fees
  • You pay for all EC2 instances associated with the Cloud Database clusters you create.
    You do not pay for the Cloud Database Console/Cluster Manager(s) instances.
    Amazon CloudWatch users will be charged separately
  • NOTE: Pricing and instance availability listed here are for illustrative purposes only.
    Please check the EDB AWS page for the most current pricing and instance list.
Pay-As-You-Go: Get Started with PPCD Basc on Amazon 































General Purpose Instances Price per hour
t2.micro $0.022
t2.small $0.045
t2.medium $0.091
t2.large $0.182
m3.medium $0.119
m3.large $0.244
m3.xlarge $0.487
m3.2xlarge $0.969
Compute Optimized Instances Price per hour
c3.large $0.184
c3.xlarge $0.368
c3.2xlarge $0.735
c3.4xlarge $1.470
c3.8xlarge $2.940
c4.large $0.203
c4.xlarge $0.406
c4.2xlarge $0.812
c4.4xlarge $1.624
c4.8xlarge $3.248
Dense Storage Instances Price per hour
d2.xlarge $1.208
d2.2xlarge $2.415
d2.4xlarge $4.830
d2.8xlarge $9.660
GPU Instances Price per hour
g2.2xlarge $1.138
g2.8xlarge $4.550
Memory Optimized Instances Price per hour
r3.large $0.312
r3.xlarge $0.623
r3.2xlarge $1.246
r3.4xlarge $2.492
r3.8xlarge $4.984
Storage Optimized Instances  Price per hour
i2.xlarge $1.493
i2.2xlarge $2.984
i2.4xlarge $5.968
i2.8xlarge $11.935
hi1.4xlarge $5.425
hs1.8xlarge $8.050