Postgres Plus® Cloud Database - Comparison

Features Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Postgres Plus Cloud Database
Postgres Plus Cloud Database

Technical Capabilities

Automated failover, automated backups, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, Point-In-Time-Recovery, Provisioned IOPS, Automated memory scale up, option to encrypt stored data, connection pools, push-button machine scale up / down, automated read scale-out, automatic cluster health monitoring, easy-to-use GUI Dashboard


Workload Portability

Same Postgres runs in Cloud as on premise

  Yes Yes
24 x 7 Postgres Support  

Private Instances

No performance contention with other users, no security risk from multi-tenancy


Root Access to Database Instances

Complete control over configuration, extensions, and monitoring


Subscription Model

Saves money with year-long commitment

  Yes Yes

Database Compatibility for Oracle®

PL/SQL Support in Stored Procedures and Triggers, PL/SQL Debugger, EDB*OCI


Extended Performance Features

Scalable Partitioning, Declarative Partitioning, Query Optimizer Hints, Infinite Cache


Extended Enterprise Security

Row Level Security, Enhanced Audit/Compliance, Server Procedural Language Protection


Enterprise DBA Features

Declarative Partitioning Syntax, EDB*Loader, SQL Session/System wait tuning diagnostics, Extended Catalog Views, DynaTune


Enterprise Developer Features

Hierarchical Queries, 19 pre-defined re-usable Function Packages, Synonyms, Extended Functions and Operators, Explicit Commit/Rollback in Stored Proc., Bulk Collect and Binds, User defined object types, Nested Tables, User Defined Exceptions, User defined packages and functions, Associative Arrays, VARRAYs, etc.