Implementation Services for Postgres

Need Postgres expertise and help implementing solutions? We can help. We’ll guide you through the sometimes complex territories of databases, no matter what your Postgres challenge, and we’ll implement solutions to those challenges.


We’ll provide the manpower and Postgres expertise needed to complete a project. One member of our team will act as a project manager and provide guidance to your team, answering questions and providing the high-level approach and details, where relevant. A second member of our team dedicated to your project will accomplish Postgres implementation tasks in a predetermined time frame.

Engagement Approach



  • Prerequisite: You should provide a predefined task plan to share duration and deliverables for the service engagement
  • Conduct project kickoff to review service, prerequisites, and your requirements

What EDB Will Do

A project team of two or more consultants focused on 1 or more predetermined tasks requested by you. The tasks should be well-defined and measurable with clear success criteria.