Migration Assessment

Plan your migration to Postgres. We can help you clear a path to escape vendor lock-in and cut database costs, without sacrificing the functionality you need.


We’ll conduct an evaluation of your current databases to determine the level of effort required to migrate to Postgres. The assessment will include the best migration candidates, schema incompatibilities, and workarounds. 


With this assessment, we’ll give you recommendations about which databases to start with, and which databases will be most complex. We’ll help you understand how to migrate, and which functions in Postgres can replace functionality in your current databases.

Engagement Approach



  • Conduct project kickoff to review service and share prerequisites
  • Conduct installation profile interview to understand current database architecture/configuration and application usage
  • Provide a predefined task plan to share dates, duration, and deliverables for the service engagement
  • For maximum effectiveness, we need the following before work begins
    • An assigned Database Administrator(s) to assist EDB during the Services engagement
    • A designated project sponsor to review and evaluate the migration assessment report and plan
    • Access to Oracle schemas from the EDB Database Migration Assessment Tool (DMAT) for read-only assessment of the schema structure including tables, triggers, views, functions, procedures, and packages. The tool does not access application data.

What EDB Will Do

  • Assess and classify the Oracle database schemas using the EDB Database Migration Assessment Tool (DMAT)
  • Analyze incompatibilities between the current Oracle schemas and EDB PostgreSQL to determine approach and workarounds
  • Estimate level of effort for schema migration to EDB Postgres
  • Identify candidates that are the best fit for migration


  • Migration Assessment Report - review via web conference
  • Service Engagement Completion Report reviewed via web conference