Migration Assistance: Application Developer Support for Oracle Migration

Get help migrating from Oracle to Postgres, making sure your applications speak the same language as your databases.


We’ll assist your application developers in migrating from Oracle to Postgres with specific development solutions. Migration assistance is typically performed after a migration assessment, so you have a strong idea of what’s required to migrate your databases before we begin. 


We’ll help your developers migrate to Postgres, making sure application code transitions to functions and SQL commands that are Postgres-compatible.

Migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL

Engagement Approach



  • Conduct project kickoff to review your requirements

What EDB Will Do

Identify key areas affecting your application performance and database design; Oracle and Postgres behave differently. Advise on alternatives and optimization in Postgres. Examples include:

  • Partitioning
    • Number of partitions
    • Global indexes
    • Foreign keys
    • Interval partitioning
    • Subpart templates
  • Query rewriting
    • XML
  • Indexing
    • Multi-column
    • Column order
    • Number of indexes (update impact)
  • Refreshable Materialized views
  • Data type and function casting predicates
  • Date/time function behavior
  • Primary key selection
  • Physical Model Changes
  • NUMERIC vs INT (connector dependencies)
  • Temporary tables act differently
  • GIS