Monitoring Best Practices for Postgres

Don’t get caught with your database down. We’ll teach you how to monitor and alert so you always know what’s up, and what’s not looking so hot.


We’ll teach you best practices for monitoring Postgres, and make tooling recommendations based on your needs.

Almost nothing is worse than having an end user tell you that your service is having trouble processing transactions. Let us help you avoid that so you always know the health and status of your databases.

Engagement Approach



  • Conduct project kickoff to review service and share prerequisites
  • Provide a predefined task plan to share dates, duration, and deliverables for the service engagement

What EDB Will Do

Activities can include:

  • Reviewing your monitoring stack
  • Recommending best monitoring solutions
  • Creating customized plans for alerting and notification
  • Building out best practices for incorporating Postgres into your infrastructure
  • Example stacks
    • Stack 1: Prometheus, Grafana, PagerDuty, Elastic Stack
    • Stack 2: Dynatrace, Splunk, ServiceNow


A monitoring strategy document with customized recommendations.