Performance Tuning

Get the most from your Postgres databases by measuring and improving your performance baseline. 


Measure and improve your Postgres implementation baseline. We’ll go over new application sizing, capacity management, and how to gauge the impact of large infrastructure changes. 


After reviewing your infrastructure and determining your baseline with automated tools, we’ll guide you to make adjustments to improve your database performance, taking into consideration your most common transactions (read-only vs write). After adjustments are made, we’ll show you how much the tuning improved performance.

PostgreSQL Performance Tuning

Engagement Approach



  • Conduct project kickoff to review service and share prerequisites
  • Provide a predefined task plan to share dates, duration, and deliverables for the service engagement

What EDB Will Do

  • Review infrastructure & platform
  • Measure application performance to determine the performance baseline using an app test harness, highlighting bottlenecks
  • Recommend database tuning methods (from application specifications to configuration)
    • Transaction size (fsync vs bandwidth)
    • Read vs. write frequency
    • Query complexity (OLTP vs OLAP)
    • From connections/query complexity to memory settings
  • Review the implementation and make recommendations for
    • Partitioning vs no partitioning
    • Read scalability
    • Connection pooling
  • Measure performance after recommended changes to show the impact of the changes


A document with performance baseline measurements and tuning recommendations.