Quick Deploy for Postgres

Accelerate your implementation with a proven reference architecture that will get you set up with a Postgres database in your environments, including backups and monitoring.


We’ll teach you how to deploy highly available, scalable, and secure environments, in a way that accelerates the implementation of your Postgres solution. We’ll provide reference architecture and use a standards-based approach based on best practices.

Postgres will be implemented in your environment with up to 2 standbys (warm or cold depending on your needs). Your team will see how the database is set up, increasing their knowledge as our expert implements Postgres. We’ll also set up failover mechanisms, backup and recovery, and monitoring and alerting. 

Quick Deploy for PostgreSQL

Engagement Approach



  • Conduct project kickoff to review service and share prerequisites
  • Provide a predefined task plan to share dates, duration, and deliverables for the service engagement
  • For maximum effectiveness, we need the following before work begins
    • An assigned Database Administrator(s) to assist EDB during the Services engagement
    • The team you’d like trained

What EDB Will Do

We’ll conduct a comprehensive workshop with your team, teaching them to install and configure a complete Postgres solution using up to 3 servers in conjunction with EDB products, utilizing open source Postgres where desired.

Activities will be reviewed based on your needs and can include:

  • Database installation and configuration
  • Streaming replication between up to 3 servers with one primary and up to two standbys
  • Failover (EFM) installation, configuration, and demo
  • Monitoring and alerting (PEM) installation, configuration, and demo
  • Backup and recovery (BART) installation, configuration, and demo


  • Services Engagement Completion Report - review via web conference
  • Runbooks