Postgres Strategy

Understand how Postgres can help your organization succeed in its goals with a customized business case proposal.


We’ll work with you to build a compelling, customized business case for Postgres consumption and adoption, based on your organization’s core values and objectives. Whether you’re looking to cut costs or move to open source infrastructure, Postgres can help, and we can help you get there.

PostgreSQL Strategy

Engagement Approach



  • Conduct project kickoff to review service and share prerequisites
  • Provide a predefined task plan to share dates, duration, and deliverables for the service engagement

What EDB Will Do

Conduct an in-depth review of your information strategy, including:

  • Open source adoption strategy
  • Technology migration strategy
  • Necessary capabilities

Propose a path forward, including:

  • Recommended infrastructure components
  • Product and tooling* recommendations
  • Comparative analysis of key features relative to other technologies
  • How Postgres fits into your desired future state
  • An adoption and target subscription model

* If a solution includes open-source tools not supported by an EDB Subscription, you are responsible for obtaining support for the tool(s) through external sources or by an amended agreement with EDB.



Business case proposal including technology requirements, cost objectives, and key performance indicators for your business.