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Oracle to PostgreSQL Migration Resources and Tools

An increasing amount of Enterprises are making a move from Oracle to PostgreSQL because of the high Oracle cost and vendor lock-ins. While many Enterprises trying to make this move face challenges in migrating data, tables/schemas, and application rewrite. This page consists of hows tos, different approaches, and tools to moving from Oracle to PostgreSQL with ease.

How to import data from Oracle into PostgreSQL

Tushar Ahuja3/5/2020

This article provides three methods for importing data from an Oracle database into PostgreSQL.

Strategy for migrating partitioned Oracle database tables to PostgreSQL

This article highlights differences in table partitioning between Oracle and PostgreSQL and provides key points to consider before migration partitioned data between them.

The Complete Oracle to Postgres Migration Guide: Move and Convert Schema, Applications and Data

Raghavendra Rao6/20/2022

Enterprises are increasingly making the move from Oracle databases to open source Postgres. This complete guide to migration gives you everything you need to know about moving your database from Oracle to Postgres. For anyone on the fence or intimida ...

How to run Postgres in Oracle compatibility mode

Amit Sharma2/12/2020

This article discusses the advantages of the Oracle compatibility features in EDB Postgres Advanced Server and gives instructions for setting up compatibility during installation and for checking its availability in an existing cluster.

Solving Compatibility When Migrating your Database from Oracle to Postgres

EDB Team1/30/2020

Back in November last year Gartner launched its State of the Open-Source DBMS Market 2019 report and declared 1: "By 2022, more than 70% of new in-house applications will be developed on an Open Source Database Management System (OSDBMS) or OSDBMS-ba ...

Comparing Oracle with EDB Postgres

EDB Team3/5/2019

The foundation of relational databases began with an experimental system. The core of that system was the basis of the System R research. Today this research remains the key functionality of modern database technology. The need for concurrency contro ...

Why Replacing Oracle With Postgres is Your Best Bet

Jan Karremans6/21/2022

Back in the 1980s, the technology world experienced the first wave of open source software, thanks to platforms like Linux. Programmers, hobbyists and other open source proponents loved the nature of a software that could be constantly refined and tw ...

How to Migrate Oracle's UNPIVOT to PostgreSQL

Thom Brown3/23/2020

This article looks at the UNPIVOT function in Oracle and how to reproduce its result using PostgreSQL.

How to convert Oracle Blobs to PostgreSQL

Tushar Ahuja3/18/2020

This article discusses binary large objects (Blobs) in Oracle and how to convert them into formats that PostgreSQL is able to use.

How to easily convert Oracle procedures to PostgreSQL

Tushar Ahuja3/5/2020

This article gives five examples of converting procedures from Oracle’s PL/SQL procedural language into PostgreSQL’s PL/pgSQL language.

How to configure heterogeneous connections from Oracle to PostgreSQL

Tushar Ahuja3/3/2020

This article discusses heterogeneous connections and how to set  up a connection from Oracle to PostgreSQL using one.

Partitioning commands in PostgreSQL compatible with Oracle databases

Shivam Dhapatkar3/3/2020

This article provides information about the types and benefits of table partitioning and using the table partitioning syntax compatible with Oracle databases supported by EDB’s Advanced Server (EDB’s Postgres database). 

Accessing PostgreSQL databases using psqlODBC in Oracle

Raghavendra Rao2/21/2020

This article demonstrates how to use the PostgreSQL client interface psqlODBC driver in Oracle to access PostgreSQL data. 

pgAdmin, a comparable tool to PL/SQL Developer for PostgreSQL

Shivam Dhapatkar2/19/2020

This article explains how to get started using pgAdmin 4 as a management tool for PostgreSQL.

How NULL and empty strings are treated in PostgreSQL vs Oracle

Thom Brown2/12/2020

This article discusses the differences between how Oracle and PostgreSQL evaluate NULL characters and empty strings. Oracle reads empty strings as NULLs, while PostgreSQL treats them as empty. Concatenating NULL values with non-NULL characters result ...

How to workaround Oracle LISTAGG function in PostgreSQL

Raghavendra Rao12/19/2019

*/     This blog discusses the LISTAGG function in Oracle and how to achieve similar functionality in PostgreSQL 12 and EDB Postgres Advanced Server. This is one of the most common challenges enterprises face when migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQ ...

Using Foreign Data Wrappers to access remote PostgreSQL and Oracle databases

Piyush Sharma1/14/2020

This article explains how to use Foreign Data Wrappers to access data in remote PostgreSQL and Oracle databases.

How to run hierarchical queries in Oracle and PostgreSQL

Tushar Ahuja12/19/2019

This article introduces hierarchical queries and shows the differences in their usage between Oracle and PostgreSQL.

Will You Still Be Happy with Your Oracle Database in Five Years Time?

Bruce Momjian3/8/2019

Is the Oracle-DBA Relationship Breaking Down? The world of the Database Administrator (DBA) has changed since the technology went mainstream in the 1970s, writes Bruce Momjian, co-founder of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group. Over the last 40 y ...

Data Replication from Oracle Logical Standby to EDB Postgres

Vibhor Kumar1/20/2017

At EnterpriseDB® (EDB™), we are sometimes presented with individual customer use cases or requests that call for the development of innovative solutions to support their deployment of the EDB Postgres Platform. For example, one of our customers wante ...

5 Questions to Help You Avoid Oracle Compatibility Imitators

EDB Team11/16/2016

You may have heard the phrase: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It implies that competitors doing what you already do validate your actions without explicitly saying so. It also implies that the imitator is actually delivering what you ar ...

Oracle License Plus Fees vs. EDB Postgres Subscription

EDB Team11/16/2016

Complex licenses, rising maintenance costs, and continuing audit risks have prompted many Oracle customers to seek alternative database management systems (DBMSs). The opex-based pricing model with comprehensive subscriptions offered by EnterpriseDB® ...