PostgresRocks is a community designed to offer users an opportunity to connect, share questions and insights, experiences and tips, and generally discuss all things Postgres.
Below are a few quick start guidelines to assist in familiarizing our users with using and navigating PostgresRocks. For a more in depth understanding of PGR usage, we encourage you to check out the HELP. This section offers our users expansive tips on how to most effectively navigate and participate in the PGR Community.

Getting acquainted with postgresrocks

PostgresRocks is set up in a simple to use format designed to inform you and help you inform and connect with other PGR users. The general categories in PGR are as follows:

  • Postgres Gems: Blogs from Postgres contributors and experts.
  • PGR TKB: PostgresRocks Tribal Knowledge Base articles offering content and solution. This is a great source for self-help or general knowledge expansion
  • Discussions: A selection of boards where general discussions on topics of interest to our users can be found. Join in the conversation!


Open Source is a big world, and there is no single solution for everyone.  PostgresRocks is dedicated to the PostgreSQL experience - discussions, knowledge and blogs from some of the sharpest minds in the community today.


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