Where the DBMS Market is Going

There is no doubt that the cloud will be important. Ignore it at your peril. SaaS will be big and DBaaS is going to be huge. In his talk at Postgres Build 2021, Mike Stonebraker will cover key considerations and provide guidance about the best way forward when it comes to the cloud. Key points include moving decision support applications first and their migration to machine learning. Other applications will follow, generating a requirement for multi-tenancy. In addition, OSs should adapt to database services, There will be a small number of dominant cloud vendors, who will attempt to get you on board with proprietary options to be ready to make the best decision for your organization.

Speaker: Mike Stonebraker, Chief Technology Officer, Paradigm4 and Tamr, Inc

Webinar video:

Michael Stonebraker Keynote at PGBuild 2021 from EDB on Vimeo.