Golf Genius Moves to Native PostgreSQL with Expert Support from 2ndQuadrant, an EDB company

Golf Genius Software powers tournament management at over 9,000 private clubs, public courses, resorts, and golf associations in over 50 countries. They combine the best features of the traditional golf experience with highly innovative cloud-based and mobile technology. Golf Genius supplies an end-to-end solution for golf professionals that facilitates registration, payments, roster creation, group organization, real time scoring, and live leaderboards.

“We’ve used Postgres from the inception of Golf Genius in 2009,” says Chris Kallmeyer, Golf Genius Co-CEO. “It is core to our highly available and resilient architecture and we’ve been very pleased with the ongoing improvements achieved through the Postgres open source community.”

Golf Genius was looking to move from a managed database service to running native PostgreSQL on AWS EC2. Although the team knew PostgreSQL well, they acknowledged that they needed a team of experts. For this expertise, they required a trusted partner for Remote DBA and 24/7 support services.

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