Medical Imaging Provider Speeds Global Reviews With EDB Postgres

One of EnterpriseDB’s health care customers is a global service provider for technology-enhanced clinical trials. This customer delivers medical images such as X-rays; CT scans; and MRIs; as well as drug and test data to specialists worldwide for review and evaluation.

A Need for Additional Support from an Enterprise Partner

The company had been using open source community PostgreSQL when they came to EnterpriseDB® (EDB™). What they needed was the additional support that comes with working with a partner. Moreover, because they were in the pharmaceutical industry and growing, they needed the additional performance, security, and manageability enhancements EDB has integrated into Postgres for its EDB Postgres Enterprise® to meet enterprise-class demands.

Improved Speed with EDB Postgres Replication Server

Ultimately, this global company deployed EDB Postgres Enterprise to replace open source PostgreSQL and added streaming replication with EDB Postgres Replication Server to speed up data delivery. Because of the system architecture, files going from the United States to Europe took almost a minute before streaming replication and deployment of EDB Postgres Enterprise with EDB Replication Server. Post deployment speed took less than one second. At the time, the company was managing data for 140 projects involving thousands of files moving on a daily basis all around the world at any given moment. The material was very sensitive due to privacy laws in the pharmaceutical industry, and the database required highly specific security controls. As a result, projects utilized specific tables in the database, which had about 16,000 tables and was expected to increase to 100,000 in the coming few years.

A Cost-Effective Database Solution

For all this to run smoothly, the company needed a scalable, high-performing database it could rely on. If the database were to go down at any given time, 80% of the company’s employees would be unable do their jobs. In the course of an acquisition, the company examined its growth plans and contemplated a change. When choosing a database solution, the company had to approach the continued use of open source with caution due to restrictions in the health industry. However, with the enhancements to PostgreSQL coming from EDB, it could address any issues. EDB provided the company with support and a standout, cost-effective database solution that made its data widely available for doctors and specialists across the globe. EPRS provides a robust data platform that replicates between Postgres databases in single-master or multi-master mode, or from non-Postgres databases to Postgres in single-master mode.

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