People’s Postcode Lottery Meets Cost Reduction Goal with EDB Postgres

People’s Postcode Lottery, an external lottery manager raising funds for charities, solved its expansion constraints by replacing Oracle® with EDB Postgres Advanced Server from EnterpriseDB® (EDB™) to support greater scalability across multiple regions.

People's Postcode Lottery manages multiple society lotteries promoted by different charities supporting a range of good causes including British Red Cross, Dogs Trust, Maggie’s, Missing People, Royal Zoological Society of Scotland and WWF-UK. To date, players of People’s Postcode Lottery have raised more than £49.3million (US $62 million) for charity.

The Challenge

People’s Postcode Lottery has historically run its IT infrastructure on Oracle databases. As the data services team mapped out an expansion plan, they realised their current infrastructure would need updating to support an increase in transactions while running more efficiently to lower costs. However, People’s Postcode Lottery’s Oracle license agreement meant that an upgrade would have incurred higher maintenance and operational costs.

The Solution

With the help of Trivento, a systems integrator based in the Netherlands, the UK-based People’s Postcode Lottery decided to deploy EDB Postgres Advanced Server with Red Hat® JBoss® Fuse to support the integration with internal and external applications.

Alec Burrett, Head of Data Services at People’s Postcode Lottery, explained: “We had challenging goals – we needed to expand as a business, but also significantly reduce IT operational costs. Trivento showed us that the EDB Postgres database provided the functionality of Oracle at a lower cost. Adopting open source technologies with Red Hat and EDB helped us meet our objective of decreasing costs.”

Database Compatibility for Oracle

People’s Postcode Lottery chose EDB Postgres Advanced Server due to its proven abilities in similar organizations and its database compatibility for Oracle, which provides enterprise-class performance and the ability to support Oracle applications. With database compatibility for Oracle, EDB Postgres allows People’s Postcode Lottery to avoid additional Oracle fees, and an expensive rip-and-replace, while enabling them to scale as growth demands. People’s Postcode Lottery also can continue to use existing Oracle skills and compatible tools.

Red Hat Component

Red Hat JBoss Fuse was deployed to provide People’s Postcode Lottery with a robust, flexible, and easy-to-use platform to integrate applications, data, services and devices. The integration platform uses popular open source technologies, including Apache Camel, to provide transformation, routing, and protocol-matching services. The solution also improves and expands functionality through facilitating communication between modules and allowing modules to be replaced more easily.

Mike Piech, General Manager of Middleware at Red Hat, said: “For organizations seeking to increase efficiency, the combination of Red Hat JBoss Fuse and EDB Postgres is a great option. Red Hat’s open source integration technologies enable organizations to deliver better business solutions faster and reduce total cost of ownership. It was important to us to deliver a cost-effective solution in collaboration with EDB to help People’s Postcode Lottery focus on furthering its charitable mission.”

Foundation for the Future

By installing this new software, People’s Postcode Lottery was able to meet its goal of reducing operational costs by 25% and they reported positively on the increased functionality and improved design of the new solution.  The goal of building a solution that can support lotteries and operations in several countries has been realized and there are plans to roll out this architecture in the Netherlands and Sweden, in addition to the U.K.

This architecture ultimately meant a shorter time to implementation for People’s Postcode Lottery, as it was easier to update and adapt according to its business needs. The rollout of EDB Postgres supported the goals of People’s Postcode Lottery to generate increasing levels of support for charities and good causes by increasing ticket sales.

People’s Postcode Lottery now has a roadmap for the future that will allow it to cut IT infrastructure costs even during its expansion. As such, the organization is truly realizing the benefits of open source-based solutions by lowering costs and gaining the greater flexibility that comes from the freedom from vendor lock-in.

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