Ericsson Integrates EDB Postgres to Increase Performance and Lower Costs


Ericsson CMS is a comprehensive platform for the end-to-end management of content operations for the television industry. In order to keep pace with the increasing demands for volume and performance, the organization replaced its legacy database system with EDB Postgres Advanced Server to ensure scalability, increase performance and reduce operational costs.

Stock Market Technology Powered by EDB Postgres™

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How a global financial technology, trading, and information services provider that builds solutions supporting securities transactions all of over the world used EDB Postgres to reduce DBMS TCO and gain flexibility

Global Leader ABN AMRO Clearing Upgrades System to EDB Postgres

ABN AMRO Clearing is a recognized global leader in derivatives and equity clearing and one of the few companies that can offer global market access and clearing services on more than 85 of the world’s financial exchanges. The company operates from 12 locations worldwide and supports more than 16 million trades per day.

European Financial Services Institute Moves to Postgres from Oracle to Support Virtual Environment

A leading financial services institution in the Nordics faced a host of decisions for a major digital transformation initiative. With more than 10,000 employees working in over 20 countries to provide banking services to private and corporate customers, the company needed to respond quickly to customer requirements with new financial products. Achieving this meant an overall transformation of the company’s IT infrastructure, and ultimately, the strategic decision to move to a virtualized environment and to migrate from Oracle to Postgres.

Student Testing Company Expands and Increases Revenue with EDB Postgres

A major U.S. testing and assessment company providing services to educational institutions and government agencies worldwide was introduced to Postgres through their subsidiary’s use of open source. This testing company was focused on growth and saw an opportunity to expand in a key market, leveraging the economics and flexibility of their subsidiary’s open source Postgres solution. The approach had widespread potential to enable their growth at lower costs and with greater flexibility than their current Oracle database afforded.

ABN AMRO Clearing: Financial Systems on Postgres Plus

High costs and vendor lock-in prompted the infrastructure architects to consider alternatives for the database. That led the team to open source-based Postgres Plus Advanced Server from EnterpriseDB (EDB) and a relationship that has expanded in recent years along with the Postgres footprint at ABN AMRO.

KT Processes iPhone Orders Faster with PostgreSQL and EnterpriseDB

KT Corporation is South Korea’s largest telephone services and broadband provider and played a significant role in that nation’s rapid and widespread adoption of digital communication technologies. The company sells wired and wireless phone services, high-speed Internet services, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and wireless broadband (WiBro) services. The company is also a significant provider of IT services, including consulting and systems integration, and enterprise services, such as data stored in a cloud system.

Mariner Lowers Operation Costs with Postgres Plus Advanced Server

Mariner xVu

Mariner is the leading global provider of Video Service Oriented MonitoringTM (vSOM) and management platforms for multiscreen networks with its headquarters in New Brunswick, Canada. Mariner’s innovative, award-winning flagship product, Mariner xVu™ allows service providers to offer a reliable,...