Founded in 2010, the Swiss IT services company dbi services is a leader in managing business information systems. From its head office in Delémont and its offices in Basel, Nyon and Zurich, dbi services provides middleware infrastructure services, especially operating systems, databases and application servers. The teams at dbi services also have in-depth expertise in the field of integrated systems, ECM document management platforms (such as Documentum, Sharepoint, Alfresco), as well as for Business Intelligence solutions.

The range of products and services offered by dbi services includes consulting, managed services (SLAs), training courses and software license management. As part of its activities, the firm incorporates a wide range of solutions using technologies such as PostgreSQL. It enjoys excellent partnership relationships with a number of software houses, including EnterpriseDB. These strong links with partners enable dbi services to be highly responsive. As an inherent part of the corporate values of dbi services, the training courses on offer directly reflect the spirit of dbi services' experts to continually learn and share their knowledge.

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