Dupaco Distribution B.V. was established in 1985 and has grown into a leading Value Added Distributor in the Dutch ICT market. On top of its primary focus, the distribution of software, Dupaco supports its business partners in sales, technical support, and marketing activities. Dupaco's strength is its continuing focus on new developments in the ICT market. Dupaco specializes in software, middleware, security, and management solutions. The selection of complementary ICT solutions are partly based on Linux and open source, as well as on Microsoft. Product examples include operating systems, virtualization software, document management software, tokens, firewalls, gateways and user workspace management solutions. Dupaco represents a.o. Attachmate, CRYPTOCard, Digi, EnterpriseDB, Equisys, F-Secure, Gwava, MultiTech, Novell, Propalms, RES Software, ScriptLogic, Red Hat, SEP, SUN and Zarafa.

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