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EDB Certified Technology Partner


Swarm64 was founded by a team of PostgreSQL database, parallel processing, and hardware optimization experts on a mission to accelerate PostgreSQL database performance.

Swarm64 DA and the PG Nitrous cloud help people save money by using free, open source PostgreSQL in a wider variety of projects including data warehouse modernization, data science and IoT, and analytic SaaS solutions.

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Integrations by Swarm64

High-performance analytics with Swarm64 DA-accelerate EDB Postgres Advanced.

Swarm64 is the leader in PostgreSQL acceleration solutions. Swarm64 and EDB partner to help companies reduce IT costs by using the PostgreSQL database in large-scale reporting and analytic projects such as data warehousing and other query-intensive applications.

Swarm64 DA is an extension to EDB Postgres Advanced that enhances query performance by up to 20x, via:

  • Compressed columnstore indexing
  • Greater parallel processing
  • Faster SQL JOIN algorithms
  • Improved query planning, optimization and execution