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EDB Backup and Recovery Tool Documentation v1.1.1

The EDB Backup and Recovery Tool is an administrative utility providing simplified backup and recovery management for multiple local or remote Postgres Plus® Advanced Server and PostgreSQL® database servers

EDB Data Adapter for Hadoop 2.0

The Hadoop Data Adapter provides the ability to query and join data from Hadoop using SQL from your EDB Postgres Advanced Server instance. Certified YARN Badge with HortonWorks.

PostgreSQL 10.1 Installation Guide

A comprehensive guide for the Linux and Windows platforms to installing Advanced Server with details on text and GUI mode options, unattended installations, and how to use pg_upgrade to move a database from an old version to a newer version.

EDB Postgres™ Enterprise Manager Getting Started Guide

EDB Postgres™ Enterprise Manager Installation Guide

EDB Postgres™ Enterprise Manager Upgrade and Migration Guide

EDB Backup and Recovery Release Notes 2.0

Release Notes provide an overview of new features in EDB Backup and Recovery 2.0. Please note that this release of EDB Backup and Recovery provides support for PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server 9.5 and more recent. For support of older versions of the database, please refer to EDB...