EDB Postgres Advanced Server (Advanced Server) provides all of the features and updates of open-source PostgreSQL, with enterprise functionality providing enhanced security and performance, DBA and Developer features and database compatibility for Oracle.

This EnterpriseDB Quick Tutorial helps you get started with the EDB Postgres Enterprise or EDB Postgres Standard database products in Linux environment. It is assumed that you have already downloaded and installed EDB Postgres Standard or EDB Postgres Enterprise on your desktop or laptop computer.

Getting Started with EDB Postgres Advanced Server on Linux introduces the following basic concepts:

  • determining the server status
  • starting, stopping and restarting the server
  • opening the Postgres Enterprise Manager (PEM) graphical client
  • using the PEM client
  • opening the EDB-PSQL command line client
  • using the EDB-PSQL client

Download the Tutorial


For detailed information about installing Advanced Server, refer to the EDB Postgres Advanced Server Installation Guide.