EDB Postgres Advanced Server (Advanced Server) includes Postgres Streaming Replication functionality. You can use Streaming Replication to create a high-availability cluster that enables hot standby. Hot standby allows a standby node to service read-only queries while providing an environment that replicates the data of the master node. The master server streams the change log (WAL records) to ensure that the data on the Standby node is updated as soon as possible, rather than waiting for a log file to fill before shipping an update to a standby node.

Streaming Replication does not provide a mechanism to monitor a database for a server failure or invoke failover. Instead use EDB Postgres Failover Manager to provide the cluster health monitoring, node/database failure detection, and automatic failover mechanisms needed to create a 9s based high availability solution. For information visit the Failover Manager home page.

This tutorial, will walk you through configuring a simple Streaming Replication setup with one Master node and one Standby node that enables hot standby.

Download the Tutorial


For detailed information about installing Advanced Server, refer to the EDB Postgres Advanced Server Installation Guide.