Eddie Satterly Explains IAG's Enterprise Data Hub Initiative

Eddie Satterly, Director, Data & Product Engineering & Data Ops, IAG, describes the company's Enterprise Data Hub initiative, made possible with EDB Postgres. He participated in Postgres Vision 2017. For information on Postgres Vision 2018 as updates are made, visit ...

Luc Billion of Smals Explains the Value of EDB Postgres

Luc Billion of the Belgium-based Smals, a government technology industry leader, explains why Smals adopted EDB Postgres and how it has improved its innovative positioning. Mr. Billion spoke during Postgres Vision 2017. For information on EDB Postgres, contact ...

The Polyglot Persistence World

Data management strategies call for deploying solutions best suited for the data type and operational requirements. Watch Ed Boyajian, President and CEO at EnterpriseDB, and Marc Linster, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Product Development at EnterpriseDB, as they explain these emerging polyglot...

Database as a Service with EDB Postgres Ark

The cloud is a very important new deployment environment for databases, and that is particularly true for Postgres. Join the EDB leadership team as they discuss how EDB Postgres Ark enables you to provision Postgres to the cloud of your choice.

Why Postgres Is Ideal For Today's Digital Problems

 Bruce Momjian, Senior Database Architect at EnterpriseDB and co-founder of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, explains why he thinks Postgres is ideally suited to the digital problems of today and offers something other relational data stores just don't offer. Bruce made his remarks...

Community Partnership and EDB Postgres Innovation: pgAdmin 4 & PEM 7

Hear from Dave Page, EnterpriseDB Vice President and head of the pgAdmin open source project, and Taylor Graham, EnterpriseDB Field CTO, as they explain the key role of corporate and community partnership in the development of the Postgres industry's leading database management tools.

Agile Teams Embrace Open Source Technology

McKinsey & Company's Santiago Comella-Dorda delivered a keynote address during Postgres Vision 2017 about agile deployment, and he explains the importance of organizations working toward this framework.

Data Science and Machine Learning

Hilary Mason, Founder of Fast Forward Labs, delivered the keynote address at Postgres Vision 2017 and explored the impact of data and machine learning.

Succeeding with Open Source in the Era of AI

Paul Zikopoulos, Vice President, Cognitive Big Data Systems, IBM, delivered a keynote at Postgres Vision 2017 about organizations succeeding with open technology in the era of artificial intelligence.

How To Land Your Next Great Tech Job

50% of hiring managers are more likely to hire a certified professional. Postgres skills are in demand. Invest in your career. Watch this video and find out how to get EDB Postgres Certified.

Why Enterprises Choose EDB Postgres

Why do enterprises choose EDB Postgres? Hear directly from EnterpriseDB customers as they discuss how EDB Postgres meets their business demands – from its versatility, scale and high availability, to its tools, value-added features and different ways to handle data.

Expert Oracle Contract Advice from Someone Who Knows

Craig Guarente spent 15 years at Oracle and was their Global Vice President of Contracts and Business Practices as well as the Global Process Owner for Oracle’s LMS Audit teams.  His company, Palisade Compliance, is now the market leader of Oracle licensing, contracting, compliance, cloud, and...