Migrating an Oracle database to EDB Postgres ™ Advanced Server can be simpler than you think. The EDB Oracle Migration Assessment is a standard process for evaluating your data infrastructure and identifying immediate compatibilities with EDB Postgres.

In this short video, Marc Linster,...

Postgres Plus Advanced Server extends PostgreSQL with enterprise-class security, performance and manageability enhancements, and Oracle compatibility.

In this short video, Sean Doherty, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Business Development, highlights some of the features and...

This video shows a quick example of creating a working CRUD application on top of Postgres using JBoss SEAM (Java Server Faces, EJBs, and Hibernate). In 5 minutes, Jim uses the SEAM framework to build a basic application including reverse engineering the database schema to create boiler plate...

Watch this 6-minute interview at Oracle Open World 2011 to learn from Sean Doherty, Vice President of Business Development, the key differentiation between EnterpriseDB's PostgreSQL implementation and the community's, summarized to four distinct areas of technology: performance, management,...

Application developers will appreciate Tom's 10 minute tour of the SQL Profiler to find and quickly improve slow running SQL.

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Tom takes a 3 and 1/2 minute tour of one of his favorite features in Postgres Enterprise Manager - The Capacity Manager.

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Sean Doherty, Vice President of Business Development at EnterpriseDB, is interviewed after the Company was named AllianceOne Partner of the Year for Mission Critical Computing at HP Discover 2013.

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EnterpriseDB, provider of enterprise-class PostgreSQL and the leading option for migrating away from Oracle, was recognized with an HP AllianceOne Partner of the Year Award for Mission Critical Computing at HP Discover in Las Vegas. The HP AllianceOne Partner of the Year Award for Mission...

EnterpriseDB introduces Postgres Plus Cloud Database for novices and pros alike to create self-healing highly available Postgres clusters with automatic horizontal scaling/backups/replication/connection pooling/load-balancing and more on HP's Compute Cloud.


MySQL Conference Keynote - Ed Boyajian and Bruce Momjian

"State of the Elephant"

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Jerry Sievers, Manager of Database Systems at Vonage notes the strength of the PostgreSQL community, the sophistication of the database, Oracle like features, and low TCO in choosing PostgreSQL.

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Chris Augustus, Systems Analyst at U.S. Dept of Energy discusses using PostgreSQL as an Oracle alternative.

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Charles Rosenberg, System Architect at Blue Tie discusses transitioning from Oracle to PostgreSQL and the simplicity of working in PostgreSQL for a mobile workforce application.

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Alex Alexander, Chief Data Architect for Continuent talks about why he believes PostgreSQL is the future of open source databases and his excitement about the release of PostgreSQL V 9.0.

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Jim Nasby, Lead DB Architect at Enova Financial, reviews moving from MySQL to PostgreSQL, the evaluation process Enova went through to pick PostgreSQL, and problems is solved.

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Join Bobby as he demonstrates how easy you can move your local PostgreSQL database into Postgres Plus Cloud Server and have your app working in a few short minutes with one simple change.

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Join Bobby for a quick tour of the major features available in the Postgres Plus Cloud Database graphical user console for creating and managing highly available Postgres clusters in a cloud environment.

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Ed Krupka, CIO for Burris Logistics, discusses why he chose EDB Postgres ™ Advanced Server. He describes the positive experience he's had with EDB and the support the company provides to end users like Burris.

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Spend 10 minutes with Gary Carter, Director of Field Marketing, EDB, as he walks through the basics of creating your first database using pgAdmin, the comprehensive database design and management console for Postgres databases. Created for first time users of Postgres, this video also introduces...