DBA Best Practices: A day in a life of an EDB Postgres DBA

Database administration is more than just “administration” - it comes with the responsibility for business critical environments including high availability, disaster recovery, and fast performance. You have to manage existing databases, as well as support new initiatives to go-to-market quickly.

Instead of worrying if all databases are up and running, if backups are taken, or how to identify performance bottlenecks before clients raise tickets, you can leverage the EDB Postgres Management Suite to put your mind at peace.

During this technical presentation, Venky Kalipi, Principal Sales Engineer at EnterpriseDB, will show you the best practices with EDB Postgres tools, that are designed to make database administration easier and more efficient:

  • Tune a new database using Postgres Expert
  • Set up streaming replication in EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager (PEM)
  • Create a backup schedule in EDB Postgres Backup and Recovery
  • Automatically failover with EDB Postgres Failover Manager
  • Use SQL Profiler and Index Advisor to add indexes

Watch EDB Postgres tools in action and learn how to make your life as a DBA a lot easier.

Target Audience: This presentation is intended for DBAs who are responsible for the administration of Postgres databases, as well as developers who use Postgres for their applications. Participants will learn how EDB Postgres tools help users to gain confidence and efficiency working with Postgres.

*This presentation is not intended to be formal PostgreSQL DBA training.