Introducing Data Redaction - An Enabler to Data Security in EDB Postgres Advanced Server - APJ

9.30am IST 12.00pm SGT 3.00pm AU ET

With the rapid growth in digitalization, coupled with the current pandemic situation globally, many organizations and businesses are forced to operate remotely and online, more than they would prefer. At such times, how do corporations and businesses ensure data security, especially the secure management of personal information?

There are many techniques used to secure information, such as authentication, authorization, access control, virtual database and encryption. In this webinar, we are focusing on Data Redaction - a technique that limits sensitive data exposure in EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS).

Join this webinar to learn:

  • What is EDB Data Redaction
  • How to limit sensitive data exposure in EPAS
  • Provision for Oracle compatibility in EPAS
  • Demo