Powerplay: Postgres and Lenovo for the Best Performance & Savings

Ethan O'Rafferty from EnterpriseDB and Wes Ganeko from Lenovo discuss how IT managers are combining the savings and power of Postgres and Lenovo in their infrastructure.


EDB’s Postgres Plus Advanced Server provides a database for both transactional applications and those needing a NoSQL document and key-value store solutions, together with Oracle compatibility on fast, agile and resilient Lenovo X6 servers. This powerful combination allows IT managers to optimize price-performance and reduce their database expenses by 80% to 90%.

This presentation provides:
  • An overview of the database landscape – traditional database investments and what strategic database decisions IT managers are making for the future
  • How to lower your Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO) with Postgres in conjunction with your current database
  • How to achieve optimal performance, agility and speed, and 3x more memory for better app performance with Lenovo servers
  • How Postgres Plus Advanced Server with Lenovo servers can optimize your performance and savings 
Target audience: This presentation is intended for strategic IT and Business Decision-Makers involved in data infrastructure decisions and cost-savings.