Security in EDB Postgres

Increased data security and control with EDB Postgres Advanced Server

EDB Postgres Advanced Server Features

Advanced Server contains all the security features of PostgreSQL and many additional enterprise security features including the ability to:


    Centrally manage password policies and settings across databases.


    Track and analyze database/user activity with robust audit capabilities.


    Provide a central DBA managed layer of security against common SQL Injection attack profiles with SQL Protect.


    Protect sensitive intellectual property and algorithms by obfuscating programming code stored inside the database with the EDB*Wrap utility.


    Help support GDPR compliance for managing sensitive data and PCI compliance to maintain a secure payment network and system.


    Blackout, hide or remove some or all the data with data redaction.

Advanced Server provides greater control, security, and insights for your Postgres database.

Multi-layered Security Architecture

Structured for Increased Control and Security of Your Databases

Graphic database with a lock on it

A layered security architecture enables your organization to take greater control over your data security. With EDB Postgres Advanced Server, data security can become even more powerful — and easier to manage. To keep your data truly safe, you must employ security anywhere it could potentially be reached. With EDB Postgres Advanced Server, we make sure to go above and beyond typical data security offerings to implement a multi-layered security approach.

Comparing EDB Postgres Advanced Server with PostgreSQL

Key Differences in Database Security Capabilities

The EDB Postgres Platform includes two database options: PostgreSQL or EDB Postgres Advanced Server. Advanced Server adds additional enterprise security features. You have access to more database activity visibility via enhanced auditing capabilities. Password management features present another major security difference. Advanced Server includes integrated password policy management capabilities to govern password strength, lockout times, password lifetime, grace periods, and more. These abilities enable organizations to strengthen their PCI-DSS compliance. Additionally, our SQL/Protect feature provides centralized DBA managed protection against a variety of SQL injection vectors. Learn more about the database security differences.

Comparing EDB Postgres with PostgreSQL

Comparing EDB Postgres with Oracle

Reliable Database Migration

Comparing EDB Postgres with Oracle

Migration of current databases from Oracle to EDB Postgres Advanced Server powers your organization to take advantage of the robust security and control features of Advanced Server. You can manage and deploy the same authentication systems that Oracle supports (LDAP, SSL, RADIUS, etc.) along with DB connection encryption, white lists, and black lists. Learn more about how these security features compare between the two platforms.


It’s not just good enough to make sure that nobody can break in. You have to also make sure that you can get at the data after a failure, after a disaster, because a transaction that has disappeared is almost as bad as a transaction that has been stolen.

– Marc Linster, Senior Vice President, Product Development, EDB