We deliver valuable guidance and results, whether you are focused on New Applications, Application Modernization, Replacement of Legacy DBMS, or Cloud Replatforming. Leverage our expert methodology to optimize your investment and take peace-of-mind that your digital business initiatives will succeed.

 EDB Digital Transformation Methodology

EDB Transformation Methodology - Discover Phase

Discover – Establish the Roadmap

Starting with an initial kick-off call, it’s all about collaboration. We perform an in-depth assessment of your application portfolio as well as your team’s needs. From there, we scope and architect the solution and provide a roadmap and a detailed action plan.

EDB Transformation Methodology - Deliver Phase

Deliver – Execute on Vision

A highly detailed Solution Design is defined and implemented. From capacity planning to establishing success criteria, we guide you through every step of the process. After thorough testing and benchmarking, we train your team and successfully launch the solution.

EDB Transformation Methodology - Develop Phase

Develop – Evolve and Grow

In order to succeed, we work together to optimize the environment based upon real-world usage, not theoretical projections. We foster collaboration and engagement with other application teams to drive maximize ROI.



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