Architecture Services

In today’s dynamic, fast-paced IT environment, you must ensure that your DBMSs are aligned with the needs of the business.

To minimize risk, you need to ensure that your Postgres environments follow best practices for such things as:

  • Systems design and implementation
  • Disaster recovery & high availability plans
  • Security controls
  • Performance tuning
  • Backups and upgrades
According to a 2015 global survey conducted by ITIC,
49% of respondents identified human error as the
leading issue affecting server reliability and downtime.


Whether you are new to Postgres or have deployed multiple instances,
EDB can help evaluate and provide expert guidance to help:

  • Prepare a mission-critical production environment that is secure, scalable, and offers high availability
  • Review your existing architecture and provide actionable recommendations
  • Perform a complete architectural review and deep-dive technical assessment annually to uncover
    short- and long-term opportunities for improvement.


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