Align Your DBMS with the Needs of Your Business

Choose Your Ideal Service to Plan, Deploy, and Tune Your Postgres Implementation

Are your database management systems aligned with the needs of your business? Whether you are new to Postgres or have deployed multiple instances, EDB can help evaluate and provide expert guidance to help minimize risk, and assist you in implementing your Postgres environments according to best practices.


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We are the Postgres Experts.

Plan, deploy, and tune your Postgres implementation, and get the maximum value from your Postgres solutions with specialized architecture services developed by EDB. We have helped many organizations optimize their solutions architecture, and our knowledge has been earned through real-world experience inside diverse customer environments.

EDB is an innovator and major contributor to the Postgres community. We develop PostgreSQL product features, contribute code, engage with end users to promote PostgreSQL, and support the Community’s ongoing open source project needs. Our efforts are fueled by our deep bench of Community contributors, who hold important roles as committers and core development group members. This ensures EDB is on the frontlines, contributing to Postgres innovation, and provides our customers an opportunity to have an impact on the Postgres roadmap. Explore the set of Architecture Services outlined below, and contact us to discuss your specialized needs with an EDB Architect.


Optimize Your Solutions Architecture

Modernize and Transform with EDB's Architectural Roadmap and Solutions Blueprint Service

Utilize an actionable roadmap for aligning IT to business or organizational strategies, and to modernize your application stack and database infrastructure.  We can help you plan to consolidate IT systems to reduce costs, devise cloud-replatforming strategies, define strategic roadmaps for future growth, and implement highly optimized and integrated solutions, by applying designs from a reference library of proven blueprints, solution tool sets, and APIs. Engage with our experts to set up a Postgres database architecture designed for future scalability and to meet your complex data requirements. LEARN MORE

Identify and Remediate with EDB Postgres Security Evaluation

A comprehensive security strategy requires protection at multiple levels, including the server, application, database, object, and data levels. Ensuring your data platform has properly configured security parameters and policies can prevent a costly data breach. A Security Evaluation Service from EDB provides you with a multi-dimensional security review with guidance on best practice solutions. EDB has the specialized Postgres expertise to reliably guide your team on protection for your database platform so you can secure your Postgres environment and protect your data. LEARN MORE

Accelerate Your Implementation with Enterprise Readiness Service

Accelerate the implementation of your EDB Postgres solution with the Enterprise Readiness Service for deployment. Using an EDB Postgres reference architecture built on years of experience and well-defined best practices, we will help you plan and deploy an optimized Postgres implementation, consistent with your needs and your environment. Flexible to suit the needs of your infrastructure and deployment processes—we will evaluate your EDB Postgres architecture and help you plan to implement according to best practices—from initiation through post workshop. LEARN MORE

Align Your Systems with Your Needs with Architectural Health Check Service

Your hardware, software, and usage patterns have likely changed over time. You may have more data and users than when you initially configured your databases. An Architectural Health Check (AHC) from EDB can align your systems and staff with your current needs. EDB’s AHC service is based on years of production tuning experience and a deep familiarity with the database internals. Avoid wasted time and potential problems with the traditional “change it and see what happens” methodology. LEARN MORE

Optimize Your Database with Tune-up Service for PostgreSQL

Are you running PostgreSQL on Amazon RDS? Consider our Tune-up Service for PostgreSQL on Amazon RDS. Similar to our Architectural Health Check, this service is specifically designed for Postgres deployments on Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL. LEARN MORE



Accelerate your Postgres adoption, reduce risk associated with complex technology projects, and support your teams with the right Postgres expertiseto help you deliver value to the business quickly. Request a quote today.


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