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Announcing BigAnimal: Fully managed PostgreSQL in the Cloud
Postgres Build 2021: 30 Nov to 1 Dec
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  • EDB Postgres Advanced Server

    Enterprise-ready, Oracle-compatible PostgreSQL

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    • Product information
    • Release notes
    • Linux on Power
    • Linux x86-64
    • Linux x86-64
    • Windows x86-64
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  • PostgreSQL

    PostgreSQL, supported by EDB

  • Barman

    Automate backup and recovery for PostgreSQL

  • PostGIS

    Open-source extension to PostgreSQL that spatially enables your database server

  • PgBouncer

    Lightweight connection pooling utility for PostgreSQL

  • Pgpool-II

    Robust query routing and connection pooling for PostgreSQL

  • Third Party JDBC Drivers

    For Oracle, MySQL, SQL and Sybase, and PostgreSQL

    • Postgres Enterprise Manager

      Manage, monitor, and optimize PostgreSQL

    • Backup and Recovery Tool

      Disaster recovery for PostgreSQL

    • Failover Manager

      High availability for PostgreSQL

    • Foreign Data Wrappers

      Transparent data integrations for PostgreSQL

      • Replication Server

        Read/write geographically distributed PostgreSQL

      • EDB Connectors

        EDB Postgres Advanced Server connectors, including JDBC, ODBC, .NET, and OCL

        • Migration Toolkit

          Command-line data migration tool

        • Modified GPL and Source Code Utilities

          Modified PostgreSQL components