Tom Kincaid is the Vice President of CTO operations at EDB.  Tom has been developing, deploying and supporting Database Systems and Enterprise Software for over 25 years. Prior to joining EDB, Tom was the General Manager of 2ndQuadrant in North America where he oversaw all aspects of 2ndQuadrant's dynamic and growing business for Postgres products, training, support and professional services. He worked directly with companies from all industries and of all sizes helping them successfully make Postgres part of their mission critical operations.

Tom was previously the VP of Professional Services and later Vice President of Products and Engineering at EDB the world's largest Postgres company. He has overseen the design and delivery of Postgres training solutions as well as the deployment of PostgreSQL at both Fortune 500 financial institutions and at military facilities all over the world. Teams Tom has managed have delivered major features that have become part of PostgreSQL open source database. He has overseen the design and successful delivery of High Availability products for PostgreSQL and several other databases. 

Tom is also the founder and organizer of the Boston PostgreSQL User group.

Job Title
VP of CTO Operations