Training Modes

Designed for DBAs, Architects, Application Developers, and IT Professionals, our training courses are created and delivered by experienced Postgres experts who will show you how to quickly manage your database responsibilities with ease.

We offer training in multiple, convenient formats:

  • On Demand – standard e-Learning format allowing you to progress at your own pace
  • Live On-Line – scheduled courses conducted on-line, interactively with a live trainer; open to the public
  • Private On-Line – instructor-led courses delivered live on-line but limited to specific customer attendees only and delivered on a date selected by the customer
  • Classroom – scheduled, open-enrollment training at a specified location or event
  • On-Site – delivered on-premise at your company office location

Hands-on Experience

Relevant and up-to date material and labs enable you to quickly put your new skills into practice in your own environment. All training includes modularized lessons, lecture, presentation copy, and real hands-on lab exercises.

Training Mode Details

On Demand

Convenient eLearning allows you to progress at your own pace. Courses can be taken anytime and from anywhere, allowing you to strengthen your Postgres skills on your schedule. You control the pace of your learning, and can start, stop, and review lessons whenever you want. Learn and study Postgres with streaming lectures to your desktop or tablet with this easy to use format.
Check out the EDB Postgres Training eSubscription for even more value and convenience. For one fee, get access to the full library of on-demand training classes for a full year!

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Classroom training is scheduled, open-enrollment training at a specified location or event. EDB offers public classroom trainings at various Postgres conferences and at other locations across the globe. On-site classroom training for the entire curriculum is also available to be delivered on-premise at your company office location.

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Live Online

This format combines the convenience of on-line training with the benefits of interacting with a live instructor. You can train from anywhere at your convenience – from your home or office, and get trained by the same Postgres experts as our on-site classroom training, with the opportunity to interact directly for specific questions or additional detail on a topic.

Live On-Line Training Classes are open to the public and scheduled throughout the year in many different time zones. We also offer a private live on-line option that is open to only members of your team and company.

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