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Our certification program sets the global standard for PostgreSQL professionals. Professionals certified under the EDB program fill a growing and critical need for PostgreSQL knowledge in enterprise environments. We provide training directly related to exam topics and deliver exams in a convenient online format.

When you successfully complete your PostgreSQL certification from EDB, you earn a digital badge. Badges provide an easy way to share and validate abilities via social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Use your EDB Postgres certification badge to tell the world you are PostgreSQL-ready.


DBA Certification

We offer two levels of certification for both PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server.

PostgreSQL Levels


Affirms knowledge in administration of PostgreSQL open source databases. Validates skills including: basic knowledge of PostgreSQL, system architecture, creating and managing databases, fundamental SQL, operations and maintenance of PostgreSQL database systems, using basic tools, backup/restore, and routine maintenance.


The PostgreSQL Professional Certification is the definitive standard for PostgreSQL professionals. This level of certification affirms more advanced knowledge and experience in PostgreSQL database administration, and requires competence in the following: performance tuning, streaming replication, connection pooling, partitioning, and more.

EDB Postgres Advanced Server Levels


Affirms knowledge and capabilities in leveraging open source based database technology for enterprise environments. Validates skill with system architecture and PostgreSQL internal structures, operations and maintenance of large-scale database systems, creating and managing databases and clusters, tablespace management, SQL commands, enterprise administration tools, user management, security configuration, backup and recovery strategies and proactive maintenance.


This Professional level of certification affirms more in-depth knowledge, capabilities and experience in leveraging open source based database technology in enterprise environments. It certifies a database professional’s skills with more advanced DBA responsibilities for maintaining and managing EDB Postgres Advanced Server and applications successfully in a production environment. Assesses competence with: performance tuning and optimization, partitioning, streaming replication, connection pooling, monitoring, and more.